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    Estate Administration
    Estate administration can be a stressful, onerous and...

    Estate Administration

    Estate administration can be a stressful, onerous and confusing task. And it is good to know that a professional is at hand to help ease the burden on your loved ones at a time when they are grieving.

    It is also important for your Executor to understand what is required estate administration and comply with their rights and obligations.

    We can assist them with all matters concerning the estate administration, including obtaining a Grant of Probate, collecting the estate assets, dealing with financial institutions, the sale or transfer of estate property, and distributions to beneficiaries.

    We are also able to administer estates for Executors and Beneficiaries who are located overseas.

    Professional administration of your estate is essential, particularly in these times of increased litigation and contesting of wills.

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    Our experienced team will ensure that the management of your estate is undertaken efficiently and effectively so that it will be clearly and easily understood by everyone involved.

    We would be pleased to assist you in your estate administration requirements. For more information please contact Ms Kathryn Millist-Spendlove.

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