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    Family Law

    Family Law Firm Toowoomba

    ReesLaw is proud to be a sought-after family law firm in Toowoomba, working with clients from right across the local area and providing them with tailored and professional legal assistance and representation. 

    Contact us today for all further enquiries. 

    Skilled and Compassionate Family Law Solicitors in Toowoomba

    At ReesLaw we know how trying and stressful family law matters can be for those involved. That is why we are passionate about providing our clients with a comprehensive and supportive service that is suited to the specific needs and circumstances of their case. 

    For more information about the services provided by our Family Law Solicitors, Toowoomba, clients simply have to call our staff.  

    Respected Toowoomba’s Family Law Specialists

    Looking for a Family Law Specialists in Toowoomba? Then make sure you contact the skilled and knowledgeable staff at ReesLaw. 

    No matter what area of family law you require representation in, you can count on our legal team to provide a compassionate and proven service that is designed to deliver the best result possible for your case. 

    We fight for what is fair and just, not what is easy, and are committed to working tirelessly to the very end for each and every one of our valued clients. 

    Experts in Family Law Representing All Toowoomba Clients

    When approaching a family law matter, it is important for the client to consider all options available to them. Our staff will work closely with all clients to ensure they have a clear and detailed understanding of the processes and stages involved with their respective family law case, and provide information about a number of often overlooked or misunderstood areas of family law, such as:

    • How property settlements are calculated;
    • Tax issues involved in a property settlement;
    • How Courts decide time with children. 

    Referrals through Other Lawyers

    If you have a relationship with a lawyer you can trust who does not practice in family law, the chances are that he or she can provide you with recommendations for the best family lawyers in your area.

    Recommendations from Friends and Family

    If someone you know had a good experience with a family lawyer, personal recommendations are often invaluable. Just be sure you still do your research beforehand so that you know that the lawyer has the right qualifications and experience for your needs.

    Check with the Queensland Law Society.

    The Queensland Law Society is able to provide you with a list of family lawyers of good standing, including those that have earned Accredited Specialist qualifications.

    Check for Conflicts of Interest

    If the family lawyer (or any lawyer from the same law firm) has ever represented or given legal advice to your spouse prior to advising you, there is a conflict of interest and the lawyer or law firm should not represent you.

    Don’t Forget to Ask Questions

    Ask as many questions as you think you need. Family law conflict is a life- changing process and it is important that you feel secure with your lawyer. The family lawyer you end up working with should be able to answer your questions in a way you can understand and clearly define your legal options. The lawyer should also offer practical solutions to meet your needs and be fearless in giving advice, even if it is not what you want to hear.

    To work with our family law experts, Toowoomba clients simply have to call our office today. 

    In-Demand Family Lawyers in Toowoomba and Beyond

    Choosing a family lawyer to represent you is one of the most important decisions you will make in your case. When meeting with family lawyers, you should ask for someone who:

    • Has good ethical standing with the Queensland Law Society, Family Law Section of the Law Council of Australia and Family Law Practitioners Association (Queensland).
    • Has the experience and qualifications to handle your specific legal needs.
    • Is easy to communicate and work with.
    • Honestly communicates about legal costs and has a rate you can afford.

    Not all family lawyers have the same level of experience. If you have considerable assets or run a business with your spouse you will need someone experienced in dealing with the complexities of business assets. If you are in dispute about your children you will need someone with experience in dealing with the high conflict associated with parenting cases.

    When they want to be represented by a professional and passionate Family Lawyer, Toowoomba clients know to look to the experienced and respected staff at ReesLaw. Call 07 4632 8484 for all consultation enquiries. 

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