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    Parenting and Children’s Matters


    After separation or divorce it is important to put in place arrangements for the children.

    Arrangements can be informal or verbal, however you will have much more certainty from a legal perspective if your arrangements are put in writing and endorsed by the Court.

    A feature of family law is the expectation that parents are able to make parenting arrangements without resorting to taking the matter to Court.  Our team of family lawyers have a great deal of experience in negotiating and will, wherever possible, attempt to settle the matter without taking Court action.  If an agreement can be reached out of Court, one of our family lawyers can draft consent orders so that the agreement can be formally recognised by the Family Court.

    If agreement cannot be reached through negotiation, we can also assist you by arranging and supporting you in alternate dispute resolution such as mediation or conciliation.

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    If you are unable to reach agreement with your ex-partner, we are able to make an application to the Family Court to obtain parenting orders. Our team of family lawyers is highly experienced in all aspects of litigation and will fight vigorously to achieve the best result possible for you, keeping in mind that any decision made by the Court will always focus on what is in the best interests of the children.

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