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    Business Law
    Your business is a big investment so you...

    Business Law

    Your business is a big investment so you will want to make sure that business law issues that arise are carefully looked after.

    Being in business can be a roller coaster.  It has ups and downs, but overall, it can be very fulfilling.  Business law is the same.  There is the thrill of starting a business and the terror of dealing with a business dispute.

    Having a good business law advisor on your team can help you be objective when you are caught up in the excitement of buying or starting a business.  And can be your fierce advocate if you get caught in a dispute.

    Starting a business is fraught with danger and it would be terrible to see your grand idea fall flat through a lack of careful planning.  Do you need to lease premises or are you planning to buy?  Do you need to hire employees? Having the right structure and thinking about all the possibilities can set up you right from the start.

    Buying a business has the ease of an established client base and equipment but can mean difficulties with new systems and staff.  Having a member of your team who knows what to look out for can help you invest in a safe and profitable business and not run into trouble during the buying phase.

    Selling a business can be bittersweet.  It is good to see all your hard work realised in a good price but it may be the end of an era.  Whether you are selling your life’s work to retire or you’re an expert business trader, having your sale go smoothly is a high priority.

    No one can deny that business disputes are stressful.  Life is hard enough juggling our day to day lives without having to deal with difficult suppliers or customers; or worse, having to go to court.  Being able to leave your business dispute in the hands of a business law expert can help reduce your stress and help you stay focused on running your business and looking after your family.

    Here’s what our clients have to say: Julie Neumann, Practice Manager at Iona Medical Centre

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